Cute calendar right on your desktop

Desktop calendar in Wallpaper Changer is handle and easy-customized. You can manage either its content or its look. The program allows you choose the language of the calendar, date format, setup vertical or horizontal week's layout, position of the calendar on your desktop and much more! For example you can choose dates color, calendar background color, color of the important dates etc. You can choose between default calendar skins or create your own skins and exchange them with friends.

Desktop Calendar

Wallpaper Changer allows you to have a desktop calendar as a part of your wallpaper. You can place your calendar in any part of your desktop. You can customize the view of your desktop calendar. Moreover, you can create your own skins for your desktop calendar and share it with your friends.

You can use your desktop calendar as a small and handy task planner. It will be useful exact for those who are startled from bulky and complicated task planners, who would like simply to know what and when must be done today.

Wallpaper Changer is a program for those, who are full up with comprehensive organizers and task builders. Desktop calendar looks like a part of desktop wallpaper. Every time you look at your desktop, you'll see a cute calendar that reminds you about oncoming holidays or birthdays. You can customize the appearance of the desktop calendar as you like. Customize color and transparency of the calendar background, color and font of weekdays, weekends, birthdays, holidays, setup horizontal or vertical week layout, the day week stats, date format, language and more!