Wallpaper Changer - have fun with your desktop

Would like to make your desktop more interactive and dynamic? Then Wallpaper Changer is exactly what you are looking for your desktop. Just imagine, having wallpaper changer your will see new desktop background any time you want!

Wallpaper Changer

Desktop Wallpaper Changer changes you desktop wallpaper automatically within defined time interval. Changing wallpaper using defined hot key is also available. Program allows you to use any picture on your computer as your desktop background and display it in the six modes.

Desktop Wallpaper Changer enables you to add cool visual effects to your wallpapers. You can also add a cute frame to your background picture (for example when placing some photos on desktop background). Moreover Wallpaper Changer can download wallpapers from the Web with defined category and right ahead to place them on your desktop.