Features of Wallpaper Changer software

Make your desktop more interactive and fun using Wallpaper Changer software.

The program allows your background wallpaper change automatically. Using Wallpaper Changer software you are able to:

Change wallpapers automatically

Change wallpapers

You may set up the time interval after which the desktop wallpaper should be changed. Moreover, you can define a hotkey combination to proceed to the next wallpaper immediately. Wallpaper Changer has six modes to show the wallpaper: Center, Tile, Stretch, Maximize, Custom and Smart. You can choose the mode for each picture separately or let software to define which mode to use.

Create your favorite wallpapers collection

Favorite wallpapers collection

Mark any picture as a favorite one. Create a collection of your favorite backgrounds and share it with your friends!

Download new wallpapers from the Internet

Download wallpapers from Internet

You can tell Wallpaper Changer to download new wallpapers directly from the web. Moreover, program can get only category related wallpapers (for example Autos or Celebrities).

Add filters and effects to wallpapers

Add effects to wallpapers

You are able to customize your background pictures with different effects and filters, like emboss, color inversion etc or even add a cute frame to the wallpaper (for example when you're using someone's photo as a background).

Add custom text to wallpapers

Add notes on desktop

You can place short notes on your desktop as a part of your wallpaper. It might be a picture name (program will generate it automatically), your personal slogan or anything else you want.

Place a calendar right on your desktop

Place calendar on desktop

Wallpaper Changer enables you to add an adjustable calendar to your current wallpaper. Calendar can highlight important dates, weekends and birthdays. You are able to customize calendar skins by choosing from the default set or creating your own one.